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Problèmes d’affichage ou de fonctionnement de la chat

Nous faisons souvent des mises à jour du site en fonction de vos retours. Cela peut entrainer des anomalies dans certaines conditions où le navigateur continue à utiliser des anciens fichiers qu'il possède en mémoire, au lieu d'utiliser les dernières versions en ligne.

Cela peut surtout arriver quand :
  1. Vous n'avez pas fermé votre navigateur depuis votre dernière visite
  2. Votre navigateur a un peu de mal à gérer sa mémoire cache
  3. Vous utilisez le chat au moment où nous procédons à une mise à jour du site

Pour cela, essayez d'abord de vider votre mémoire cache pour voir si les problèmes disparaissent ; pour cela :
  1. Appuyez sur les touches CTRL + MAJ + SUPPR en même temps
  2. Laissez cochée uniquement la case « Fichier Temporaires » ou « Cache »
  3. Validez en cliquant sur le bouton « OK » ou « Nettoyer maintenant »
  4. Rechargez la page en appuyant sur la touche F5

Maintenant reconnectez-vous, et si les problèmes persistent, faites-le nous savoir.

Enhance your chances of meeting someone

Just upload your photo:
  1. Access your personal space via the button at the bottom
  2. Click on the photo area
  3. Use the "Browse" button to choose your best photo and hit "Validate"

After validation by our team, your photo will be visible in the Chat!
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Contacts near you...

Did you know that by default, the connected list first shows users from your own region? Give it a try!

...or customized dates
You dream about talking with all Josephine's from Guadeloupe between 18 & 25 years of ages, that have a photo?
  1. Click on
  2. Enter "JOS" in "Nickname"
  3. Check "With photo"
  4. Check "With photo"
  5. Select between 18 & 25 years in "age"
  6. Select "France" as the country, and "971-Guadeloupe" as the region
Click on and the adventure is yours!

Chat without frontiers

You can find contacts from multiple countries or regions :
  1. Click on
  2. Choose a country
  3. Choose one or more regions with your mouse while holding down "CTRL" on your keyboard!
Chat without limits
Need more space ? Add a new dimension to your discussions by simply maximizing your browsers window!

Add your favorite contacts to your BuddyList

What's the BuddyList ? Easy! It's your permanent friend list in the chat!
To add someone to your BuddyList :
  1. Click on the contact you wish to add
  2. click on in his profile

Like this you'll be able to find him at each connection!
The BuddyList is reserved for Babel members. If you're not yet a member of Babel, click here to register

and rid yourself of shady people

Tired of messages from HotStuff91?
Use the "Block" option
  1. Click on the nickname you wish to block
  2. click on in his profile

This person can no longer send you any messages.
To unblock him, simply send him a message!

Manage your priorities

Too much of a star in the Chat?
Everyone is sending you messages?
Read them in whatever order you like:
click on and choose your favorite contact!

Lost in the Chat?

Don't understand why each time you send a new message, a message from a different contact is shown afterwards?

The solution is simple:
Just unckeck the option "Automatically go to next message" next to the send button. Envoyer